The Digital Oncology Initiative

The Digital Oncology Initiative is a research collective composed of medical humanity scholars, computer scientists, graduate students, and undergraduate students. It consisted of two research-centered components. The first component uses data-analysis to map out 1) the history of integrative oncology and 2) the role of race in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. The second public-facing component of the project exists as a mini-podcast series called Meta-stasis, that trains students to research, script, and edit professional podcast episodes that highlight the social, political, and historical dimensions of cancer as it pertains to research, care, and public health.

The Meta-stasis Podcast

Meta-stasis is a miniseries published through Rice University’s Digital Oncology Initiative and distributed as part of the Medical Futures Lab. Its aim is to critically explore the discourses of cancer and illness through interviews and personal reflection. Meta-stasis is an attempt to grapple with live problems in the field of oncology in an accessible, meaningful, and creative way through reflections on personal experiences with cancer as patients and clinicians as well as reviews of social and political histories of the disease.

To become involved with the Digital Oncology Project, contact Dr. Lan Li at In your email, specify your interest in being involved in either the research component of cancer archive analysis or in the podcast production, mention any relevant experiences or interests, and attach your CV.