Amol Utrankar

Amol Utrankar is a current anesthesiology resident at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, and a 2014 alumnus of Rice University and the Medical Futures Lab. While at Rice, Amol participated in several MFL courses, including Medical Media Arts Lab, in which he and several classmates collaborated to design a data visualization interface to enrich communication in the Texas Children’s Hospital Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. Watching clinicians integrate myriad data inputs to make rapid-cycle decisions in the care of critically ill patients motivated Amol to pursue a dual career in critical care medicine and clinical informatics. Amol credits MFL for inspiring much of his post-Rice creative pursuits. As a medical student at Vanderbilt University, he applied the design thinking frameworks he learned in Medical Media Arts Lab to found the First Aid Student Council, a student team guiding education technology co-creation for 158,000 medical learners worldwide. His research, on consumer technology use for chronic disease management, also arose from curiosities sparked in MFL’s Medicine in the Age of Networked Intelligence course. He encourages Rice students with interests in healthcare to explore MFL’s programs and courses, which inspired him and his peers to build skills to shape the next generation of medicine.